NA SANG DO: To give a new dynamism to the night markets of Daegu

Trotting singer NA SANG DO announces Daegu Night Market.

The variety show “Enjoy Daegu” which will be produced on October 22nd! NA SANG DO appears in “Han Expedition”. Han Expedition is an entertainment program aimed at revitalizing the night markets of Seomun and Chilseong, representative nighttime tourist destinations of Daegu, which were stagnant due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starring NA SANG DO, Kim Min Kyung, Park Young Jin and Jeon Ji Yoon.


The artists will carry out a local participatory mission containing various information on the night markets of Seomun and Chilseong, and will present the Apsan Observatory, Kim Kwang-seok-gil and the Seomun Hanok guesthouse, which are representative tourist attractions of the region, to inform about Daegu in more detail and provide various fun.

Jung Hae Yong, Deputy Mayor of Daegu City, said, “We expect this to be a good opportunity to revitalize the local traditional market, tired, and promote Daegu, and we plan to further promote traditional markets. local and night-time tourism in the future.

NA SANG DO released their new song “살아지더라” in February and continued their musical activities. “살아지더라” is an awesome song whose lyrics say that even though life is hard and difficult, you will somehow live without giving up hope, and comfort those who are weary through an addicting melody.

NA SANG DO appeared on SBS’s “Trot God Is Up 2 – Last Chance” and made her face known by finishing second. NA SANG DO, who has performed any song like his own, is loved by audiences, earning qualifiers such as “Transformation Genius”, “Top Man” and “Eight-Colored Singer”.

NA SANG DO is actively engaged in promotional activities with “살아지더라“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JJ Entertainment

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