SEVENTEEN: Passionate comeback

It was on Friday October 22nd that the group SEVENTEEN made its comeback with a ninth album, called “ATTACCA”.


Group of the PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT, it is composed of members JEONGHAN, SEUNGKWAN, MINGYU, HOSHI, WOOZI, WONWOO, JOSHUA, VERNON, DK, S.COUPS, DINO, JUN and THE8, the latter two currently carrying out activities in China and therefore unable to be present. Only four months since their previous comeback with “YOUR CHOICE“, the artists return with a new album, whose Italian name means “continuity”, carried by the title song “Rock with you“. It is the third album to be included in the “Power of love” series. To present this comeback, the group is holding a press conference in the heart of Seoul, with reporters rushing to ask questions of the group which reached 15th place in the Billboard charts, in the “main album” category. While “YOUR CHOICE” evoked the moment when someone confesses to their loved one, “ATTACCA” focuses on the passion born within a new couple. To express this passion, the title “Rock with you” is energetic and melodic, the group having worked hard to return quickly to the stage.

« It’s an album that represents the way SEVENTEEN likes it, so it’s important to us and we hope you like it » — DK 

HOSHI, in charge of the choreography, says he created it in a way that anyone can reproduce, wanting to be simpler than their previous dances. To underline his words, DK takes a few steps, embarrassed to be alone doing so in front of all the journalists. In addition, they made the choice to include fewer songs than usual in this album (six tracks) so that fans would listen to them more attentively, SEVENTEEN sending them a message of love through these tracks. In addition, the members try to get the message across that a separation does not necessarily symbolize the end, since then everything can be started over again, choosing to take an optimistic look at it.

The members confide that the success of this album is not their priority, but the health of everyone in this time of crisis. However, they really enjoyed producing this album, and still hope it will find its audience and delight fans of the group, the CARATS. It is especially for the latter that the group made its comeback after four months of preparation, wishing to meet them quickly. The singers did not encounter any particular difficulty during this period to produce this album, and did so with joy and good humor. Their good humor and energy are infectious, especially since DK once again made the audience laugh by dancing again in front of the group.


After so many albums, the members are still keen to produce new content, not wanting to be repetitive, but always as sincere. Since their album “SEMICOLON”, MINGYU declares to be ready to talk about love, this theme having grown in them over the months and the years. In addition, they try to communicate in English at times so that foreign fans are not left out, JOSHUA confident that the track “2 minus 1“, only available digitally and being their very first English track, was a suggestion from VERNON. to include a track reminiscent of the early 2000s with its Pop Punk style. S.COUPS then took the opportunity to thank their agency and the staff around them for allowing them to produce songs that they cherish and represent them, without imposing on them something that would not represent SEVENTEEN’s musical imprint.

« We are working hard so that we can do concerts with audiences again in these difficult times. Please wait for us just a little longer, and we’ll see you soon» — DINO

VERNON states that the strength of the group is its sincerity, which the members seek to convey in each of their titles, which makes it difficult to find other terms that can represent the group. They don’t want to stick to a particular musical genre, but think more about which genre would best match the message they want to convey. It is through the program “Going SEVENTEEN” that they also try to convey this sincerity. It can be difficult at times to achieve this with a group of thirteen people, but their bond will make it possible. They just want to be on stage forever, surrounded by their fans.

Finally, SEVENTEEN looks back on the success of its previous album in the Billboard charts. WOOZI said in this regard that he is grateful for having reached the 15th place, and that this encourages them to work hard again and again so that maybe one day they can reach the first place. SEUNGKWAN then mimics the reaction he would have if they learned their first place, making the whole group laugh and join him. DK visualizes this album as being a breath of fresh air for fans (and anyone) who have suffered this year, with HOSHI bouncing back by saying that what drives the world forward is love above all else, what the album represented. S.COUPS concludes on this note by asking everyone to stay healthy, and to support the group in this new period of promotion.

MINGYU ends the conference by recalling that the group will make its comeback tomorrow, during a musical program, enough to arouse the interest of the fans for this new album.

The words of our reporter: “Comeback is successful for this most endearing group, which knows how to convey its enthusiasm for the music scene.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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