Thursday, November 30, 2023
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B.I.G : A special concert for Halloween

Group B.I.G met fans through an online concert for Halloween.

B.I.G GUNMIN, J-HOON, HEEDO, and JINSEOK held online concerts on October 23rd and 24th through live platform FCLIVE. In this performance, B.I.G members took the stage in costumes and stole attention.

B.I.G did the opening splendidly with « Illusion » and greeted fans online. JINSEOK introduced the next song saying that it was a song that haven’t been played in a really long time and set up the « Between Night n Music » stage.

It was followed by performances loved by fans such as « Strange » (« 낯설어 »), « Taola », « Are You Listening » (« 듣고 있니 »), « Hello Hello », and « I’ll Bring You Home » (« 데려다 줄게 »). In addition, the members showed off their unique vocals with « Drag Me Down » by the famous British group ONE DIRECTION. Also, HEEDO did a solo stage with the song « California » drawing enthusiastic responses from fans.

B.I.G members introduced their characters and made the public laugh with humorous poses while communicating with fans in real-time to add fun. They used two languages together for Japanese fans.

GUNMIN, who transformed into a character in the animation « Devastating Blade », expressed his feelings on stage about his costume: « I’m making a cool face, but it’s hard. And today, it’s okay to sweat after putting my bangs back. ». HEEDO, dressed up as Harley Quinn, explained: « Since I’m dressing up as a woman, it’s a little awkward to make a cool expression when I rap. » Finally and after 60 minutes of the concert, B.I.G expressed their regret to say good-bye to the fans and said: « Thank you for watching our “Halloween party“. ».

B.I.G, which debuted in 2014, has conducted a Global Cover Project by posting various Arab song cover videos such as « La Bezzaf » « LM3ALLEM » « Boshret Kheir », and « 3DAQAT » on SNS. In December 2019, the members were awarded the “Korean Award for shining Korea” in recognition of their contribution to promoting K-pop to the Arab region.

B.I.G formed a project group 777 (TRIPLE SEVEN) with 3YE in August and actively promoted with its new song « Presente ». Through 777, B.I.G showed a different aspect with the bold couple performance that the mixed group can show and the harmony of male and female voices.

The online concert « Halloween party » held by B.I.G on October 23rd and 24th can be seen again on the live platform FCLIVE.

Source: GH Entertainment
Journalist: Florence

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