PARK GOON: His agency takes a firm stand

The agency of the trot singer reiterates its firmness by publishing its position.


Trotting singer PARK GOON has been charged on a community site with sexual harassment. This one clearly refuted what was said and his management agency strongly decides on this

Hello, we are Totalset, in charge of the management of singer PARK GOON.

First of all, we apologize for causing concern to many people who love PARK GOON.

Regarding PARK GOON, we inform you of our position on the post posted on the community site and the future direction.

As we have already told you, PARK GOON has been sincere and honest in his life as a singer and has not committed any kind of sexual harassment or bullying as claimed in the post.

In this regard, Bum-woo, a law firm, was appointed and filed a complaint with Gangnam Police Station in Seoul for libel and publishing false information on the afternoon of October 26.

We will actively support, legally, all actions against litigation, in court, regarding PARK GOON, such as defamation charges and publication of false information, and will separately conduct legal proceedings in all areas, such as obstruction of law. enterprise level business.

In any case, we would like to inform you that we will respond firmly with the principle of zero tolerance, without leniency or agreement.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Totalset

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