Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ADORA: Her debut will be in the company of EUNHA

Producer and singer-songwriter ADORA will make her official debut with her self-composed song “Make u dance“.


On the morning of November 1, ADORA’s agency Aura Entertainment said, “Eunha, a member of girl group VIVIZ, will perform in ADORA’s debut song ‘Make u dance’, which will be released on November 5. The ADORA and Eunha’s work process can be checked via Dingo Music content “Dingo X ADORA.”

ADORA has been showing a variety of charms through Goofy’s YouTube content “Ttinggokgaes” since October 23rd. ADORA, who received enthusiastic responses from fans by releasing a fan song made 12 years ago as a Highlight fan, met Highlight members Yang Yo Seop and Son Dong Woon and performed a part of her first song “Make u dance“, drawing rave reviews from Yang Yo Seop.


The video teaser then revealed that VIVIZ’s Eunha, who is the same age, participated in the presentation of that debut song “Make u dance“, drawing the attention of fans at home and abroad. ADORA not only conducts the recording professionally, but also shows chemistry with Eunha in a fun and bright atmosphere that was not found in any recording studio, raising expectations for the song’s release.

ADORA will take her first steps as a producer and singer-songwriter recognized for her skills having participated in a number of representative songs of BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, notably “Spring day” and “Not today“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: AURA Entertainment

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