Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ONF: Alone in the midst of all

The ONF group has released new photo teasers that stimulate curiosity.


On November 21st, WM Entertainment, the group’s agency, released new personal photos for the sixth mini album “GOOSEBUMPS”, which will be released on December 3rd on its official SNS.

The published teasers each show the group together, with one member standing in the center of the others, and the only one looking towards you, while the others are looking in different directions. As if everyone was in a different place, if they felt different from the other members around them, attracting more attention.


On each of the photos, the members pose with different expressions and a blur effect on the photos gives us the impression that they have moved through time and space, leading us to ask ourselves several questions.


ONF topped the major national music charts with the title track “Popping” from its summer pop-up album released in August, and were honored to take #1 immediately after the release of its new song for the third time in a row this year alone. Moreover, it proved the trend by chasing a new record march in various fields, including surpassing 10 million views within two days of the clip’s release and setting the record for highest initial sales.


In addition, it ranked second on Billboard’s global digital song sales and topped both iTunes and K-pop global songlists for seven days, showing its strongest global influence with an unusual rise in the charts at the ‘foreigner.


ONF will be releasing its sixth mini-album “GOOSEBUMPS” on various music sites at 6pm on December 3rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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