Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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ATEEZ: In the classroom, launch of presales

ATEEZ posted a group photo for “야간비행 (Turbulence)“.


On ATEEZ’s official SNS today, a concept group photo for the title track “야간비행 (Turbulence)” of “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” has been released. ATEEZ pictured catches the eye with its unique style in school uniform that combines gray and navy blue.

Additionally, on the same day, ATEEZ’s agency, KQ Entertainment, released a news photo that read, “The pre-sale of ATEEZ’s debut EP album “Zero: Fever Epilogue” will begin at 3pm today. “

Zero: Fever Epilogue” consists of a total of three concepts, including version A and version Z of the two concepts with contradictory charms, and especially the “diary” version with photos of films taken by the members themselves . In addition, there is a 96-page photo book, stickers, postcards, as well as posters and photo cards, adding to the expectations of fans.

ATEEZ, who told the story of youth wandering in an unknown fever with the series “Fever”, will present the climax of this concept coming to an end with the “Zero: Fever Epilogue“.

ATEEZ’s debut EP album “Zero: Fever Epilogue” will be out at 6pm on December 10th, and reservations will be available from 3pm today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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