Wednesday, October 4, 2023

TRENDZ: An official name

Interpark Music Plus boy group INTERBOYS (provisional name) presents a new trend in 2022 with its official band name TRENDZ.

On November 29th, Interpark Music Plus, the group’s agency, unveiled the logo with the group name of INTERBOYS via its official SNS, TRENDZ.

TRENDZ, which will debut in the music industry in January next year, is a seven-member group comprising leaders CHO HAN GUK, as well as Lee Ha-bit, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Choong-hyun, Lee Tae-hyun, Kim Eun-il and Jung Ye-chan. The seven members spark interest in their official debut by announcing a different worldview through the colorful charms of the Seven.

An agency official said:

“TRENDZ, the rising star of the music industry who will lead Generation Z, will meet K-pop fans around the world with a different worldview and the colorful charm of the Seven Members.”

TRENDZ, which heralded a different worldview and colorful charm, wowed audiences with cover videos of BTS, NCT U and Stray Kids as INTERBOYS (working name) in August, ahead of its debut. Expectations are skyrocketing for the kind of charm TRENDZ will show after its debut, as it has garnered keen attention from fans around the world for its unlimited genre performances and perfectly synchronized dances.

On November 28th at 10 p.m. on official SNS, TRENDZ, who communicated with fans via the INTERBOYS live, spoke about its appearance which was shown as INTERBOYS (working name). the group also shared episodes of the filming of the cover video with fans and said, “These aren’t the Interboys of tomorrow“, sparking fans’ curiosity.

Interpark Music Plus is a subsidiary of Interpark Co., Ltd., which has built infrastructure in all areas of culture, such as show tickets, book sales, and travel and leisure, and announced that it would recruit experts in each area. to build a system and launch a new group of idols with differentiated narratives. Attention is focused on the kind of worldview and the unique concept of TRENDZ, which entered the first countdown by unveiling its official name, capturing the hearts of fans around the world with its debut album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Interpark Music Plus

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