VOISPER: “THE FINALE” brings the adventure to a close

The VOISPER group unveils today the titles of “THE FINALE“.

The VOISPER group composed of 4 members, DAEKWANG, KWANGHO, KANGSAN, and CHOONGI, made its debut almost 6 years ago. Its agency EVERMORE MUSIC posted a photo on the group’s SNS on December 6 to announce the release of “VOISPER – THE FINALE“.

Today, December 8th, the boys published on their social networks and on their YouTube channel, “lyrics” videos to illustrate the 4 titles of “THE FINALE”, “This is the day“, “Fall apart“, “I’ll pick you up now” and “Road to farewell“.

For all the videos, these are composed of the lyrics of the songs but also of images of the different activities of the group throughout these 6 years, such as photo shoots, recording sessions or performances on stage.

The atmosphere of each of the titles is very faithful to the VOISPER style, since they are ballads with a lot of emotions highlighting the powerful voices of the 4 members.

For all of the tracks, the members participated in the writing, composition and production of the album to enhance the sensitivity and perfection of the album.

With the title and the posts of the boys on their Instagram, VOISPER fans understood that this was a gift to end an adventure and that “THE FINALE” will be the final point of the VOISPER adventure, together in a quartet. DAE KWANG said, “Thank you to everyone who worked hard until the end and encouraged us. Love you! From now on, I will be Jung Dae Kwang.

On the side of the fans there are big thanks which are registered on social networks with “Thank you for your music“, “Thank you for being there”. This December 8th and the release of “THE FINALE” therefore marks the end of the VOISPER group.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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