Friday, September 29, 2023
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ONEUS: End of “BLOOD MOON” promotion

The ONEUS group has successfully completed the promotion of its new song “月下美人 : LUNA“.

On December 8, ONEUS (Ravn, Seo Ho, Lee Do, Gun Hee, Hwan Woong and Xion) officially ended the promotion of the title song “月下美人 : LUNA” from its sixth mini album “BLOOD MOON” which ran about four weeks after performing in different musical shows.

ONEUS, who released the new album “BLOOD MOON” on the 9th of last month, established themselves as a “한복돌 Hanbokdol (the idols in hanbok)” by merging various styles through the title song’s promotional activities. “月下美人 : LUNA” using a traditional Korean musical base. As this is an oriental-colored song, the performance also captured the Korean style using folk dances such as the fan dance and the mask dance, and the members added facial expressions and graceful gestures. to create a high quality scene.

In particular, ONEUS received favorable reviews from listeners for its solid narrative development that organically integrates the mysterious story of the legend of “Red Waldo” into the music, concepts and music videos through “BLOOD MOON“. In addition, in this album the participation of the members was significantly expanded to prove their musical abilities. In addition to the participation of the members RAVN and LEE DO in the creation of the raps of the title song “月下美人 : LUNA“, you were able to enjoy the self-composed RAVN song “Yes or no” and “We’re in love” in which SEO HO and LEE DO were involved in writing and composing the song. LEE DO helped work on the lyrics for six of the seven tracks.

ONEUS, who has worked hard for its comeback for a long time, took home the first trophy in a music show for the first time since its debut with its new song “月下美人 : LUNA“. In addition, the initial sales of the new album “BLOOD MOON” also exceeded 170,000 copies, peaking in its careers, setting a record twice the previous one, showing relentless growth. Shortly after its release, “BLOOD MOON” also reached the top 5 on iTunes Top Album charts in 14 countries and regions around the world.

As such, ONEUS stands out in the global music and album charts and has grown into a representative fourth generation group that encompasses global fandom and popularity, drawing particular attention to its future activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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