BAMBAM: The first black and white teasers

BAMBAM announced the release of his new song on December 28.


On December 14th at midnight, black and white photos were posted on BAMBAM’s official SNS. A total of four photos with strong shadows covering BAMBAM, which is under intense light, announces that the artist’s new song will be released on December 28, with the words “PRE-SINGLE” “2021.12.28.” This is the first new song to be released in over six months, since the first solo mini album “riBBon” released in June.

BAMBAM also made a surprise outing with a touching teaser drawing his name with a stroke on February 13, hinting at a comeback. Amid various speculation among fans as to what the teaser was expressing, BAMBAM’s name as if reflected, sparks curiosity as to the story it will tell through this new title.

Also, as the new song was announced as “PRE-SINGLE“, this implies that BAMBAM is preparing for a new album.

BAMBAM announced his new start as a solo singer through his debut solo mini album “riBBon” released in June. With the title song “riBBon” of the same name, he expressed hopeful lyrics and the luminous, charming and unique energy of BAMBAM, showing his own color, different from when he was in the group GOT7. In addition, he was involved in the writing and songwriting of the entire album and continued to grow.

BAMBAM’s efforts not only surpassed the iTunes album rankings in 34 regions with the release of its mini album “riBBon”, but also achieved significant records, including 100,000 album sales, 60 million views on the YouTube clip and two awards at the Asian Artist Awards (AAA) 2021.

BAMBAM’s new single, which will arrive six months after his solo debut, will be released on December 28th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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