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VROMANCE: PARK JANG HYUN, without his wife he would not have started

VROMANCE’s member PARK JANG HYUN finished fourth in the final standings after three months of competition.


PARK JANG HYUN entered the final contest in the TOP7, during the TV Chosun Global K-POP audition event “내일은 국민 가수 (the national singer of tomorrow)“, which was broadcast on the night of December 23rd.

On the show that day, PARK JANG HYUN confessed that he struggled because he didn’t get clear results, even though he had been a singer for 12 years, before the “Life song mission “. In response, he said:

“I wasn’t sure what to do, so I saw an ad for “내일은 국민가수“. My wife encouraged me to give it a try. I wouldn’t be here without the support of my family”,

explaining the reason for the challenge.

PARK JANG HYUN chose SG Wannabe’s “살다가” as the song of his life to present a touching scene, and showed off his explosive singing ability with a light and appealing voice. On this stage, PARK JANG HYUN scored 100 points, the highest score.

Lee Seok-hoon said “We can sing “살다가” well, but it’s a difficult song to interpret. The only thing I can say for sure is that I have heard many versions of “살다가” so far, but the one sung by PARK JANG HYUN was the best.

In particular, PARK JANG HYUN, who wrote a new life story via “내일은 국민가수“, placed fourth in the final standings. He scored 1,209.15 points for the last leg, for a total of 2,649.15 points.


Through “내일은 국민가수“, PARK JANG HYUN captivated viewers with his passion for song and his sincerity and left a deep impression, creating a legendary scene in every episode. PARK JANG HYUN, who previously confessed to suffering from stage fright and panic disorder due to a mistake with his voice on the stage of a musical performance in the past, overcame trauma and faced a turning point in his life.

PARK JANG HYUN, leader and member of the group VROMANCE, made his official debut with his first mini album “THE ACTION” in 2016.
Since its debuts, it has distinguished itself as a “luxury vocal group” by appearing in soundtracks for dramas such as “Strong girls bong-soon“, “Man to man” and “Suits”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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