BUGABOO: CHOYEON is bursting with energy

CHOYEON member of girl group BUGABOO immediately caught the attention of fans with her powerful dance moves.

At 19 ‘o clock. On January 13th, the Itzy group’s “Loco” video cover was posted on BUGABOO’s official channel and SNS.

In the released video, CHOYEON enhanced the song’s immersion by similarly styling Itzy’s Ryujin stage outfit and showed off the power of the group’s lead dancer with high-quality skills.

In particular, CHOYEON drew attention by reinterpreting “Loco” in her own style, giving off eight colors and charm with a powerful dance line and relaxed facial expression. In addition, CHOYEON caught the attention of viewers, while showing her unique charm, raising expectations for the performances CHOYEON will show in the future.

Last November, CHOYEON released original content “Role Model Cover VS” and selected Ryujin from the Itzy group as a model, and the titles “Loco” and “Mafia”. She briefly performed the two and drew attention.

After that, the fans voted, and as a result, the fan-requested video cover of “Loco”.

Immediately after the release of the short version, CHOYEON, which elicited enthusiastic reactions from fans around the world, showed a steady voice and strong charisma on stage through the debut song “BugAboo”, proving her versatile ability. not only in dance but also in song.

BUGABOO, of which CHOYEON is the leader, continues to actively communicate with fans through various content.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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