MOON BYUL: Torn by different emotions

MAMAMOO’s MOON BYUL has raised expectations for a comeback by releasing an additional “mood sampler” for the title track of her new album.


At midnight today, MOON BYUL presented a “mood sampler” for the title track “Lunatic” from her third mini album “6EQUENCE” via her official SNS.

In the video, MOON BYUL stands in a written space that says “LUNATIC” as if she were confused. MOON BYUL, turns hysterically, rips the paper off the wall like a maniac, but the stigma of “LUNATIC” doesn’t go away. Starting with MOON BYUL complaining of pain on the operating table, the footage follows, showing her smiling brightly or taking a selfie lying on the floor, adding a lot of curiosity to the main video for her new song “Lunatic.”

MOON BYUL, who completed the release of the mood Sampler for her new album, raised expectations for a comeback by allowing a sense of deep immersion with detailed playing and expression tailored to each track.

MOON BYUL will release her third mini album “6EQUENCE” on January 19th. The new opus contains the colorful personality and the color of the music of MOON BYUL, just like the name of the album, which means multiple scenes. As MOON BYUL presented “many charms of her person” with an unmatched concept, such as drawing inner good and evil with the concept of “two faces in each person”, attention is also focused on music and performance. which will be presented with the new song “Lunatic”.

MOON BYUL’s third mini album “6EQUENCE” will be released on various music sites at 6pm on January 19th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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