WELCOME K-POP CLICK: The first festival for the launch of a new platform

Hosted and organized by “K-POP CLICK” and “World K-POP Center”, “WELCOME K-POP CLICK” will take place in one day.

K-POP CLICK, a platform specializing in K-POP, will heat 15 Namsan Mountain, central Seoul.

WELCOME K-POP CLICK #1, which will be held at Namsan World K-Pop Center Crest 72 Glass Hall, is attracting attention as many highly regarded artists from South Korea and abroad, like IVE, CIIPHER, WOW, CRAVITY, ONEUS and MONSTA X, will be present. In particular, JAE JAE, who is famous for the title of “연반인”, and singer and actor IL-MIN will be together as MC to direct this event.

In addition, musical actress Park Hae-mi announced that she will be performing a special scene with students from Seoul Future Music Alternative School, where she is chair of the board. The special stage will also include a music stage where you can check out the appearance of musical master Park Hae-mi. In addition, the students who participated in “PROJECTM”, an ambitious work of Seoul Future Music Alternative School, will also show you songs produced by themselves, from composition to performance.

WELCOME K-POP CLICK” is a new K-POP festival that welcomes K-POP fans who come to see high quality content with the launch of the “K-POP CLICK” platform. “WELCOME K-POP CLICK” is due to take place three times, on January 15th, February 19th and March 19th.

WELCOME K-POP CLICK #1“, which will be held at 7:00 p.m. on January 15, will be held simultaneously, as a performance, online / offline, and only members subscribing to the K-POP CLICK platform can perform it watch for free.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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