Saturday, December 2, 2023

ASTRO: New profile pictures

The “ASTRO” group has released new profile photos.


On the morning of January 25, Fantagio music, the group’s agency, released profile photos featuring the six-color charms of ASTRO members (Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, MJ, JinJin, Rocky, and Yoon Sanha). via its official SNS.

The ASTRO members in the photos show themselves in white outfits, various facial expressions and poses.

Members received impressions not only for team activities but also for individual activities last year.

CHA EUN WOO, meanwhile, appeared in the drama “True beauty,” which ended last year. Through the drama “Island”, which is scheduled for release this year, viewers will be able to meet him in the role of “Yohan”, a priest.

MJ also released his solo album, “HAPPY VIRUS“, last year. JINJIN and ROCKY released their album, as the group’s second unit, “RESTORE” on January 17.

Finally, MOONBIN and YOON SANHA appear as MCs every week on “Show Champion.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : Fantagio Music

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