Friday, September 29, 2023
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LOVE ON A LEASH: Between erotic games and relationships

The new Korean movie that will interest, intrigue, educate you, “Love on a Leash” brings a little shade of gray to Korean.

JUNG JI WOO a woman who does not realize her dominant side with her colleagues in her work, and JUNG JI HOO a young assistant transferred to a new department who appreciates being controlled, will navigate between erotic games and a real relationship.

With such similar names, the two main characters of director Park Hyeon Jin’s new film (“Likes for likes”, “Lovers of six years”…), were destined to meet. The film is based on the webtoon of the same name.

This new film that you can find in the Netflix catalog will allow you to discover the entry and discovery of the DS (Dominator, Submissive), SM (Sado Masochism) by JUNG JI WOO as a “mistress”. The main actors who are SEOHYUN, member of GIRLS’ GENERATION group and LEE JUN YOUNG member of U-KISS and UNB.

Love and leashes

During a press conference about the movie SEOHYUN said:

“It’s a role that made me want to take up a challenge as an actress. Not only did the script have a unique subject, but it also showed how a man and a woman come to understand their differences..”


“When I first read the script, I really liked it. I concentrated and read it maybe four or five times. I watched it for a long time, but of the scripts I’ve read recently, I think it was the shortest in a long time. As Seohyun said, I also had a desire to challenge myself as an actor, and I think the process of respecting and matching each other’s differences, rather than highlighting and to ignore them is very pleasant. So I chose it.”

Little anecdote revealed by LEE JUN YOUNG: In order to better stick to the character, LEE JUN YOUNG gained 9 kilos because the director who saw him the first time, told him that he was too thin.

You can now watch the movie “Love and leashes” on Netflix.

This work is a fiction that correctly explains what erotic games can be with mutual consent, they should not be reproduced by force.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Netflix

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