TREASURE : An explosive comeback and already in the top of the rankings

TREASURE is finally back with the MV of “Jikjin

After nearly a year of no musical news from TREASURE, the 12 members of Korean and Japanese band is making a comeback with a mini-album THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE. Following a successful debut and a cumulative flurry of awards as a young group, the YG entertainment youngster hadn’t released any songs since 2021.

This new song which is the title of his new album impresses Internet users because TREASURE imposes itself with this hip-hop side of the agency and a millimetre choreography. Not to mention this MV with an investment of more than 350,000 euros, cars luxury and new style decor. TREASURE wanted to give everything. The song is about moving forward and being ready to go straight to the heart of your loved one.

In addition, rapper YOSHI wanted to mark the occasion by paying tribute to his superior in BLACKPINK’s Lisa by mentioning her in his rap with the “Whassup” part referring to her. This initiative has much more and has been talked about even before the song was released. YOSHI explained:

“I wanted to show YG fans something fun about rap, so I paid tribute to Lisa sunbaenim 🙇🏻‍♂️”

He goes on to reply to a fan that even in the music video the reference to Lisa is also there.

Fan: Yoshi, look. Super cool huh? 🔥😱😱

Yoshi: It’s possible that this is the same road LISA sunbaenim rode!

Jikjin” has now become TREASURE‘s first-ever song to top the Bugs Realtime Chart alongside the other songs from the mini-album holding the entire Top 4!

What do you think of this comeback?

Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour

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