NU’EST: Their last message for the fans

The group NU’EST (JR, ARON, BAEKHO, MINHYUN, REN) delivers a moving message for LOVEs, with their new song “다시, 봄”.

NU’EST‘s new album “NEEDLE & BUBBLE” was released today on various music platforms. This album was released to mark the 10th and final anniversary of NU’EST‘s debut, before the group disbandment.

The meaning of “NEEDLE & BUBBLE” is to burst the bubble that NU’EST has been building for the past 10 years in order to move towards a larger world, with more possibilities. This album looks back on past and present elements of the group and presents a sketch of the future.

The new song “다시, 봄” is NU’EST‘s latest message for LOVEs. It highlights the sensitivity of the group and conveys a loving message for fans: the love that NU’EST members have for LOVEs will remain intact even after the group’s disbandment. BAEKHO has greatly participated in the writing of the lyrics which adds even more meaning and sincerity to this song. He makes many references to the group, to their history.

After 10 years of career, the release of this “best album” marks the end of the group NU’EST. The members made the choice to take different paths: MINHYUN and BAEKHO renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment, while the other members JR, ARON and REN chose to leave the agency.

We wish to the members of NU’EST the best and much success in their respective careers.


Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie
Source : Official YouTube channel HYBE LABELS

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