DREAMCATCHER: The group reveals the mystery code of their next album

DREAMCATCHER posted an image of the mystery code on its official SNS at midnight on the 24th.


The published image shows a huge rusty machine in a ruined city, and a poster with mysterious numbers catching eyes. DREAMCATCHER, which announced its first comeback nine months after its special album “SUMMER HOLIDAY” released in July last year, officially announced its comeback through mysterious codes, attracting the attention of “InSomnias” (group fans ) in the whole world.

DREAMCATCHER has been releasing mystery codes with every comeback since its 2017 debut, raising questions about what the message through this album will be.

DREAMCATCHER which has its own musical colors based on rock sound, unique worldview and concept, is already increasing the expectation of fans.

DREAMCATCHER, which is gearing up for its April comeback, will continue to meet fans with lots of activities in 2022.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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