Saturday, September 30, 2023

K-POP: The Broadway Musical

K-POP, a K-pop, Korean pop-themed musical that is touring the world, will debut this fall on Broadway in New York.

Producers Tim Forbes and Joey Farns held a press conference at the New York Korean Cultural Center on March 30 (local time) to preview the musical “K-Pop” on October 13 and announce that they will give their first performance at the Circle Industrial Square Theater on November 20.

The musical “K-Pop” first hit the Broadway stage in September 2017 and received enthusiastic responses, including a sold-out procession as well as an extended performance. Off-Broadway is a small theater with less than 500 seats, which allowed for a test run before heading to Broadway.

The Broadway version of the film, which won numerous awards including the Richard Rogers Awards, stars LUNA, a former member of girl group F(X).

LUNA, who has also established herself as a musical actress by appearing in Korean musicals “Mamma Mia” and “In the Heights“, will hit Broadway for the first time.

The musical “K-POP” is a story of superstars putting everything into a special one-night concert, with a major Korean agency training trainees who will make their debut as singers.

Helen Park and Max Vernon wrote the lyrics and composed the songs for this work conceived by Jason Kim, a second-generation Korean playwright, and Woodshade Collective.

Forbes and Farns said in a joint statement, “The combination of the bustling, exciting world of K-pop entertainment and the powerful storytelling of Broadway musicals is what drives the production of the musical ‘K-POP‘.

For all the fans in New York, don’t miss the performances of this musical.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: K-POP the musical SNS

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