ATEEZ: HONGJOONG takes us in the heart of next album’s production

HONGJOONG introduces his fans to a new side of Los Angeles.

After SEONGHWA, MINGI, JONGHO, YEOSANG and YUNHO, it’s turn to HONGJOONG to film his daily life during « THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END » US Tour. 

HONGJOONG begins his vlog describing to ATINY (fandom’s name) his busy program for this special day. It begins with a visit of The Broad, a contemporary museum, where he wished to go for a long time. He visits this museum with WOOYOUNG who proclaims himself like HONGJOONG‘s official photographer for this day. After this visit, the duo decides to eat at a Korean restaurant before heading back to the hotel, showing at the same time the souvenirs purchased during their visit to the museum.

Before his dance class given by SIEANNA well-knows to create some of BTS’s choreography like « ON », HONGJOONG stop by his hotel room taking advantage of this moment to do what he named « HONGJOONG’s review ». He talks about his impression on The Broad and especially on ANDY WARHOL’s work which is very meaningful for him. He concludes his review by saying he wants to discover soon the exhibition of ROY LICHTENSTEIN, a pop-art artist that HONGJOONG greatly appreciates, especially for his colorful touches and his use of three dimensions in his work.

His day ends at producer DAVID SCHAEMAN’s home for their song camp. Accompanied by the latter and the singer ELLROD, HONGJOONG shows us the behind of this meeting where many ideas will come to light. At the same time, he makes his friends listen to the latest ATEEZ track « The real (Heung Ver.) » («  ( Ver.) ») which seems to please them a lot and allows them to see the group’s musical influences. Just as MINGI showed us in his vlog, HONGJOONG is working on new tracks and new styles. We can find these new inspiration in ATEEZ‘s upcoming comeback described by himself as unexpected during their appearance on POWER106 FM: « The next album and the next songs will be really crazy. »

Finally, we will be able to find WOOYOUNG and SAN’s vlogs the two next Monday at 6 p.m. KST on ATEEZ Youtube channel. 

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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