THE BOYZ: A photobook to discover the group from a new perspective

A brand new photobook is going to be released, created by THE BOYZ‘s main vocal, NEW.

NEW has always been interested in photography and do not hesitate on sharing his own photos with the fans in several social medias using the hashtag #NewShot. The other members from THE BOYZ already said that NEW could create a photobook since he took so many pictures, and that is what he did.

NEW will release a photobook entitled “#NewShot: Twenty-four PHOTOBOOK” with only pictures he took from its debut days until now. Thanks to this project, NEW can show the world THE BOYZ on a daily basis, as artists working together and young men living together. All of these memories will be seen through his own eyes and we will discover photos that we never saw before. Moreover, we already know that this photobook is going to be composed of more than 400 pages, while his company wanted it to be composed of only 200 pages. The group’s fans cannot wait to discover this photobook and are already talking about it on social medias.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ is preparing for its 2022 world tour THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE starting May, visiting Europe and the USA.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène
Source: IST Entertainment

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