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JEONG SEWOON: Fly alongside him

It is on this Wednesday, May 11 that singer JEONG SEWOON makes his comeback with a fifth mini album, “WHERE IS MY GARDEN!”


Made famous by his participation in survival Produce 101, JEONG SEWOON has a flourishing career today as a solo artist, under STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT. During a face-to-face showcase in Seoul, he presents his new album with the title track “Roller coaster“, as well as five other songs to accompany it. The showcase begins with the broadcast of a video clip presenting the singer, before he goes on stage to allow the journalists present to take some pictures of him. This album is intended as the representation of the secret garden of SEWOON, which he seeks to make us discover and for this, he actively participated in the production of the songs of the album by writing and composing them all. He says he got the inspiration for this comeback from reading books and essays.

« I made this album having in mind the style of songs that I would like to listen to when I rest » SEWOON 

A first performance is then presented, that of the song “Nerdy”, which is a pop song that has the singer’s touch. The young man is alone on stage for this performance, but his smile and his voice fill the room. He then takes the time to present the album “WHERE IS MY GARDEN!“, an album with the message not to stress, but to be free and relaxed, in order to give yourself wings to fly. Whether you are sad, anxious, peaceful or happy, he recommends listening to this album to bring you more comfort and confidence. SEWOON then briefly dances a few steps, a key passage in the choreography of “Roller coaster“, the title song. The other tracks are intended to be soft, and correspond well to the musical imprint of the artist. In addition, each track has its catchphrase;

  • « Garden » : You also listen to Jeong Sewoon’s album! 
  • « Roller coaster » : Wherever you are, fly!
  • « 10 minutes » : be confident again
  • « Book » : The epic drama of the day
  • « Nerdy » : It will be surprising
  • « Pull me down » : Sing with me !

This album has several times the sound of saxophones, an instrument that the singer particularly likes. After a sixteen-month break, he is very proud and happy to make this comeback with songs he cherishes with all his heart. He is delighted to be able to continue his career, and to explore new styles and themes each time. He already says he is thinking about his next album, and what he could experience. He therefore invites everyone paying attention to his work to continue to follow his future projects. Once this talk session is over, the video clip for “ Roller Coaster ” is broadcast, before the young man performs the title. The clip is colorful, and the song very melodious, and ideal for the summer season.

SEWOON ends the showcase with a Q&A with the journalists. He begins by affirming that nothing in his musical career has been or is difficult, each moment represents a challenge that he takes up with joy. Then explaining the reason for his absence for sixteen months, he declares that he did not realize how much time had passed, and that he himself was surprised to learn how much time had elapsed since his previous comeback. During his absence, he continued to work hard, focusing particularly on songwriting. He therefore has no regrets about this break, because it allowed him to come back today with a strong album, representing him well.

« I hope this album can become someone’s garden, like a soothing place » — SEWOON 

He also participated in various shows or programs during this break, without forgetting his goal of comeback. He did not neglect the practices, and did his best to improve his dancing. When asked what was the happiest moment of his career, he cannot answer, because every moment gives him immense pleasure. His career is, for him, made only of fun, and good times spent. Additionally, he considers himself to have a relatively flexible schedule, so he doesn’t feel much pressure when working on songwriting or writing lyrics.

For his foreign fans, he wants to tell them that he loves them, but also that he supports them and understands them when they go through a difficult time. He would like to be an artist close to his fans, and to be recognized for his singing. He ends up defining himself as a “singer similar to a garden”, and so, when we take the title of his album, “WHERE IS MY GARDEN!”, he replies « right here, with me ». Finally, as for the exclamation point present in the title, he preferred to highlight the affirmative character of the songs on the album, like what one must live without worrying too much about the outside world, rather than focusing on the question representing the title.

He ends up concluding this showcase by stating that what gives him the courage to get up every morning and to pursue his career and to know that today is not the last day, that there will always be a “tomorrow“. It is with these last words that he thanks the journalists present, as well as his fans, asking them to support his comeback despite a sixteen-month wait. He says he is always happy to be able to do showcases with journalists, and he hopes that anyone will enjoy listening to “WHERE IS MY GARDEN!“.

The words of our reporter: “Singer always so nice, who has found his way / voice in the industry!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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