DKZ: The evolution of JAE CHAN

DKZ’s JAE CHAN showed a sultry face.


The intense photos and interview of DKZ’s JAE CHAN, who quickly became a rising star with DKZ’s web drama “Semantic error” and “Cupid”, have been released. In the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus” with the concept “이토록 멋진 에러 (of such a wonderful mistake),” he drew attention with his sultry expressions and poses. On camera, PARK JAE CHAN was reportedly praised by staff at the scene of each snap, showing off his relentless talent and charisma.

In response to the enthusiastic response from the audience, JAE CHAN said with a smile:

“I changed because I was loved very much.”

I want to give as much as I get, so my personality is gradually changing. Since you think I’m cute, I feel like I have to be cute. In the past, I had a personality that you could call a ‘a bit dark. I only liked black clothes, but these days I think I’m going to try something bright”.


JAE CHAN added, “We lived together in the rehearsal room and the studio all day. I was a high school student who dreamed of becoming a producer as well as an idol.” Expressing his passion, saying, “It’s good to work all night and come home around 5 a.m. I didn’t forget to promise that I’ll be working on deep, groovy hip-hop and R&B songs in the future.


Now that he’s a rising star, JAE CHAN said he won’t forget who he is. “I‘m not going to jump around because something good happened. Then it’s easy to make a mistake. My mother is my role model and she always taught me to be humble and do my best without being influenced by any situation. So I will continue to do my best as I always do.

JAE CHAN, 20, said, “It’s a time when everything is turned upside down and broken and running,” and added, “I want to get through this time quickly and become more mature.


PARK JAE CHAN‘s full and honest interview is available on the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus” website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Arena Homme Plus

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