Thursday, September 28, 2023
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EXO: SUHO at the Stanford University conference

SUHO, EXO‘s leader, participated on May 19 in a conference held by Stanford University in the United States about the Korean wave.

SUHO was invited on Thursday, May 19 for a discussion panel on Korean culture at Stanford University in the United States. Along with SUHO, ANGELA KILOREN the director of CJ ENM America and several professors were present to discuss. With 10 years of experience as a K-pop artist, SUHO gave his perspective on the success of K-pop:

“There are many reasons why K-pop is at the center of the Korean Wave, but I think ‘communication’ is the biggest reason.[…]. Artists communicate with fandom in various ways, and these efforts form a strong bond between artists and fandom.”

With his fluent English skills, SUHO presented the Korean wave, its influence, expansion and direction for the future.

“The power of the Korean Wave is felt every day, not on stage, but in everyday life. Dance cover videos on social media are proof that Hallyu or K-pop is not one-sided visible content”

As SM entertainment general producer LEE SOOMAN always emphasises, it was also particularly pointed out that Hallyu has become a “recreatable content” that everyone can enjoy and participate in together.

“The Korean wave is not limited to one genre. It has become a global phenomenon that continues to grow and develop as it spreads throughout society, including in music, drama, film, food, and education.”

During the Q&A after his presentation, SUHO chatted and collected all the gifts that fans at the event gave him. He answered questions about globalization, the behind-the-scenes of the K-pop world, and the weight and responsibility of an idol.

“I and EXO will continue our journey so that the world can become one through music. I hope our music will continue to have a good influence on you”

Journalist: Julie,
Translator: Julie,
Source: EXO SNS

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