Wednesday, November 29, 2023

LUCY: A new generation band

LUCY captivates the MZ generation and shows activities as a “popular group“.


First of all, a remarkable activity is the presence of LUCY who shone at the last festival. LUCY, who first appeared at the recent Spring Representative Music Festival “Beautiful Mint Life 2022“, presented a high-quality stage that was loved by the audience. Beginning with “SOUNDBERRY THEATER” last year, LUCY, who earned the qualifier of “performance band” through festivals such as “ROUND in Korea” organized by KBS which attracted 250,000 fans, warmed up the stage. and confirmed its reputation as the “popular group” once again. LUCY has confirmed her participation in “PEAK FESTIVAL 2022” on May 28th.

LUCY has also participated in several musical projects to prove her popularity. On May 18, it participated in the “Replay Project”, which allowed it to leap forward again in cooperation with new talented artists, and released a remake of “항상 엔진을 켜둘께” by Delispice. LUCY member Choi Sang Yeop emphasized the arranged and locked guitar sound in the original melody, and violin player Shin Ye Chan performed harmoniously in the bridge part, drawing favorable reviews. listeners for the new version of the title after 21 years

Earlier, LUCY worked on a collaboration project with the band Daybreak to revitalize the band’s scene by releasing “쉬운답” and “Oh-eh.” The two groups showed their special chemistry to convey their deep spring emotions to fans at home and abroad, and also performed live on Naver NOW,

LUCY, who is constantly meeting audiences through shows and having busier days than ever, has been appreciated for her friendly chemistry with Kim Eung Soo and unique sense of entertainment since February, appearing weekly on Naver NOW. In particular, leader Shin Ye Chan captured the hearts of the audience by writing a period of brilliant growth with a positive attitude and passion for table tennis in “올 탁구나!” which has just ended.

As such, LUCY has been classified as a “popular group” two years after its debut by exuding its charms in various fields, and also marked the eyes of the public with endless potential, making them look forward to its future activities.

LUCY will appear at “PEAK FESTIVAL 2022” on May 28 and color the concert hall with its unparalleled freshness.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mystic Story

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