Friday, September 29, 2023
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GOT7 : JAY B takes over the rights of the duo JJ Project and JUS2

It’s official, JAY B, leader of the group GOT7 is officially the owner of the rights of the famous duo of the group JJ Project and JUS2.

The duo JJ Project composed of JAY B and JINYOUNG, member of the group GOT7 had been formed long before the foundation of the group, marking the beginnings of the boys on stage. Formed by their debut agency JYP Entertainment, the duo made their debut in May 2012 with the single “Bounce“. In January 2014, both members of the duo will debut as members of GOT7.

The duo JUS2 reuniting JAY B and YUGYEOM debut in March 2019 with an EP “Focus” becoming the second sub unit of the group GOT7.

After their simultaneous departure from JYP Entertainment in January 2020, seven years after their debut, the members of GOT7 signed to different agencies favoring their future plans creating their own path and career choices.

Despite a spatial separation and multi-faceted activities GOT7 have assured their fans that they have not broken up and are still part of the group, highlighting a return of the group in the future.

After the single “Encore” released in February 2020 produced by MARK, symbolizing the group’s promise to their fans and a demonstration of the group’s talents. GOT7 officially made a comeback to the k-pop scene together in May 2022 with an EP album titled GOT7 and a lead single “Nanana“.

After a discussion with JYP Entertainment, it’s official, JAY B has confirmed that they legally have the rights to the group and its sub-units.

Rights that allow GOT7 a total freedom on future projects together.

JAY B, JINYOUNG and YUGYEOM are officially the authors of the rights on the sub-units JJ Project and JUS2 allowing a possible return of these.

A new step for GOT7 which becomes the first k-pop group to fully own the rights of their group and sub-units.

A total freedom of creation, production and realization for the members who revealed their potential with their EP: “GOT7” characterized by the participation in the writing and production of some members like JAY B, YUGYEOM and JINYOUNG.

GOT7 is back and this is only the beginning.

Journalist: Kass

Sources: SNS JAY B, AOMG Ent

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