TO1: New members, new start

Group TO1 will make a comeback next month after revamping its members.


WAKEONE, the group’s agency, said on the 17th, “Three existing members MIN SU, JEROME and WOONGGI will leave the group, and the rest will work as a new nine-member group with newcomers DAIGO, RENTA and YEO JEONG.

Newly arrived DAIGO and RENTA are Japanese members, ranking 13th and 16th in the final season of “Produce 101 Japan” season 2, catching the attention of local fans.

The three members leaving the group are preparing for a fresh start, the agency said. “We plan to continue supporting their new beginning.”

TO1, who revamped their group, are set to release a new album in July.

The agency said, “After discussion, we have decided to reestablish the identity of the team and take on new challenges,” adding, “We will also start entering the global market from the second half of this year.

TO1 made their official debut in April last year after making their name known during Mnet’s “To Be World Class” audition, which aired in 2019. At that time, the group’s name was TOO, but the name of the group was changed after management problems arose.


Déclaration de WAKEONE Entertainment :

Hello, this is WAKEONE.
We would like to inform you about the activities of our artist TO1. 
WAKEONE and TO1 members had time to reflect on our activities of the past two years and think hard about the group’s leap forward going into the future. 

We kept all directions in mind and tried to find the best solution, and after continuous discussion, TO1 decided to take on new challenges through the re-establishment of team identity and refining the direction of the team. 
First, members MIN SU, JEROME, and WOONG GI decided to leave TO1 and prepare for a new start after an in-depth conversation about team identity and direction.

As a result, three members will join us as TO1, including DAIGO and RENTA, respectively 13th and 16th-ranking contestants from PRODUCE 101 JAPAN Season 2, and our new youngest member YEO JEONG. 
Starting with the release of a new album in July, TO1 will continue to actively engage in domestic and global activities, and we will continue to provide full support for TO1’s activities in the future.

The members who left TO1 are artists with excellent capabilities and charm, and they are preparing for a new start. We will do our best to support them as our artists. 
We ask you for a lot of support for all the TO1 members, including members who have left TO1 and are preparing for a new start, and members who are new to the team.

Thank you.

Fans are therefore waiting to see this return with new management.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TO1

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