ATEEZ: The comeback is announced!

Today, June 30, ATEEZ announced on its SNS its long-awaited comeback!


At midnight KST, ATEEZ announced its comeback with a new album released on July 29 called « THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT ». This announcement is accompanied by a poster that fans saw in Madrid and Hongdae during « THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END » world tour. On this poster we can see a characters from « HALA HALA » accompanied by the sentence « Wake up, wake up world. Are you there? It’s time ». We can find this sentence in the video posted today on the KQ ENTERTAINMENT YouTube channel.

In this video, we can find the introduction speech of « 리듬 (The Awakening of Summer) » performance for the show « KINGDOM : legendary war ». We can recognize a familiar character from ATEEZ’s history. It’s a man dressed all in white and chains present in several ATEEZ music videos including « Answer » or « Fireworks (« 불놀이야 ») ». The video concludes with an invitation to « wake up » recalling the message recently spread on the music show « THE SHOW » by a QR Code.

After many clues left, ATINYs (fandom’s name) had a confirmation of this highly anticipated comeback. On July 29, ATEEZ will unveil its new series following « TREASURE » and « FEVER » with a darker arc than the latter.

Finally, ATINYs will be able to see this evening, June 30, ATEEZ on the stage of the Jeddah K-Pop Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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