WOO JIN YOUNG: A member of D1CE, he exhibits a free-spirited charm

WOO JIN YOUNG released the music video teaser for his second mini album “DELICIOUS” on his official channel on July 11.

The published video begins with sultry beats and graphics and catches the eyes and ears of the viewers. WOO JIN YOUNG‘s uniquely groovy and free-spirited atmosphere is then revealed through various golden objects and colorful props such as barbed wire, colorful smoke bombs, and fireworks.

In particular, WOO JIN YOUNG showed off his childish charm with a pink suit, shorts, and tweed jacket that matched his pink hair, and even showed off his strong charm with his long hair and red jacket. WOO JIN YOUNG raises fan expectations for his new song with an improved visual as much as the music.

“DELICIOUS” is an album chronicling WOO JIN YOUNG’s musical journey to find his true colors and continues the story of his debut mini album “3-2=A” released last year. Fans expect this to be an album that deeply grounds WOO JIN YOUNG’s own musical colors.

Earlier, the singer released a dance preview video on July 8, catching the attention of fans around the world with strong performances and relaxed facial expressions.

WOO JIN YOUNG will also participate in the overall production of this album, further enhancing the completeness of it. WOO JIN YOUNG, who will prove his wide musical spectrum, growth and skills, will captivate music fans around the world with his album.

WOO JIN YOUNG’s second mini album “DELICIOUS” will be released on online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on July 12.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn
Source: YouTube D1CE

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