HIPHOPPLAYA: The not-to-be-missed Korean hip-hop festival

Singers PARK JAE BEOM, ZICO, CJAM, LOCO and DAMOIM have been named in the lineup of the “HipHopPlaya Festival 2022“.

The first line-up for the “HipHopPlaya Festival 2022“, which will be held over two days on September 17 and 18, has been unveiled. PARK JAE BEOM, ZICO, GIRIBOY and CJAM have joined the first lineup of “HipHopPlaya Festival 2022” hosted by hip-hop concert brand, HiphopPlayya.

The “HipHopPlaya Festival“, which was postponed due to COVID-19, will return after three years. It will be held at Nanji Hangang Park over two days to meet the growing expectations of fans.

On September 17, a lineup that will excite hip-hop fans such as PARK JAE BEOM, CJAM, GIRIBOY, SIK-K and SUPERBEE was announced. In particular, the scene of PARK JAE BEOM, who became a huge success with “Wonsoju” and established his new agency “More vision”, raises expectations because he is an acclaimed artist. With his collaboration with IU, on “Ganadara”, he drew explosive responses and even topped the charts, and will be performing on Saturday.

CJAM and YANG HONG WON, who haven’t appeared on stage for a long time, will also be able to meet at the “HipHop Playa Festival 2022“. In particular, CJAM, which received favorable reviews from hip-hop fans and music critics by featuring works such as “” and “,” will take the stage.

It is expected that you can experience the actual live performance of Paul Blanco’s “Siren Remix” with homies who swept various music sites during the last period of strong COVID-19. In addition, Lil Moshpit, the new project from Groovyroom Whimin, will also set up a spectacular scene that will captivate enthusiasts.

On September 18, very popular artists such as ZICO, DAMOIN and LOCO will reunite. ZICO, who was discharged from the military in April this year, raised expectations when he announced plans to release a new song on the 27th. DAMOIM, a project group of 84-born rappers, YUMDDA, SIMON DOMINIC, DEEPFLOW, PALOALTO and THE QUIETT, formed through web entertainment programs Dingo Freestyle, will once again unite and decorate the stage. DAMOIM has gained unusual popularity for its own Goofy Freestyle content, and the project’s sound source “아마두” swept through the winter of this year. After SIMON DOMINIC and LOCO, WOO WON JAE and COOGI will also be on stage, and the four handsome rappers from AOMG will appear.

Thai artist Milli, very popular around the world, has joined “HipHopPlaya”. Milli also performed at Coachella and remixed Bibi’s “The Weekend” with 88rising. CAMO, who has emerged as a hot rookie will also perform on Sunday. This will be the first festival of CAMO, which is popular with exotic sounds and sophisticated music. CAMO also announced the first performance of his new song, which will be released during “HipHopPlaya.”

“HipHopPlaya Festival 2022” will open general ticket sales via Melon Tickets, Interpark, and WeMakePrice starting at 7 p.m. KST on July 12.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Hiphopplaya

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