OUTSIDER: “I want to rap fast until I die”

I want to rap fast until I die. The goal is to stay stronger.” such are the words of OUTSIDER.


Rapper OUTSIDER (real name Shin Ok Cheol) has returned to his main job. He debuted in 2004 and has a number of hit songs such as “Loner”, “Acquaintance”,Heart disease” and “슬피 우는 새“, and was loved for his poetic lyrics and fast rapping. Subsequently, it has been 10 years since he took a break from his musical activities and ran a children’s cafe for his daughter.

OUTSIDER held a solo concert for the first time in nine years and met his fans. During the concert held at KT&G Sangsang Madang Live Hall in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on July 10, not only MC Sniper but also KCM, Jung Sang Soo, Jang Moon Bok, and Gan Jong Wook appeared as guests. to help OUTSIDER. As he said, “I’m trying to prove myself again“, the title of the performance is also “Limit break“.

“It had been a long time since I had done a solo concert, whereas I had decided not to do any more. So it’s more meaningful because that’s where we had our first gig.”,

did he declare. “I wanted to perform a good concert with my precious colleagues and share a good time with my fans.” Even after the concert, he plans to perform a nationwide club tour. “I’m a hip-hop man, so I wait for the moment to be with my fans, even if it’s not much,” he said, reporting stronger musical activity afterward.


OUTSIDER seemed to have a strong desire and thirst for music. He stated:

“I am interested in children and teenagers, so I took a break from my musical activities by working for 10 years, in particular by forming juniors and “Kids café”. However, as face-to-face activities became difficult due to COVID-19, children’s cafes and meetups were suddenly stopped, so I had a difficult year.”,

he confessed. “But the crisis became a blessing in disguise. It was an opportunity for me to focus on myself. always about economic recovery, but I was able to regain my self-esteem and tell myself I am happy at a time like this“.

He also announced the release of an album around October, November. This will be the first album since 2016. “There’s a lot of music I’ve done. I’ve released a single regularly, but it’s been a while since I’ve released a physical album. I think this album will contain more than 10 songs in the form of a complete album,” he said. A collaboration with various singers is also planned. “In the past, if I was an outsider because I was completely alone, I want to show synergy by working with various artists,” he said, adding even more expectations.


In particular, Cho Kwang Il, who won Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 10” for his unique fast rapping, was selected. OUTSIDER shouted, “Kwang Il, work with me! I built fast rap in my early days, so this one is a style and area of ​​rapping like rapping, but it has become like my personal talent. So I was alone, there was no development, which led to a limit”, he regretted. Then he said, “I met a friend named Kwang Il and he was so good. Rapping fast is not a skill. Because it’s fast, the person’s lyrics, messages and philosophy are more important.”

He also expressed his hope that more fast-paced rappers will be born so that this style of rapping will be loved by more people. “I hope that rappers like Cho Kwang Il will be more exposed. So I am preparing to organize a fast-paced and fast-flowing rapper survival through my YouTube channel. This is to search for hidden rappers in the country. I think it’s time to let them know,” he said. In addition to finding juniors, OUTSIDER practices and manages regularly.

“I want to show you that I can rap fast even at 50, 60 and 70”,

I think the greatest value of culture and the arts is that it can give positive energy and strength. I want to give you that energy and influence.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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