Saturday, September 30, 2023
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SF9 : A hot summer comeback

FNC ENTERTAINMENT‘s boyband SF9 is making it comeback today, with an eleventh mini-album called THE WAVE.


Composed of members JAEYOON, DAWON, ZUHO, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG, CHANI on this day, the other members (ROWOON, INSEONG, YOUNGBIN) being either in the army or on sick leave, the group presents during a showcase in Seoul it latest mini-album. The showcase begins with a teaser to introduce each of the members individually, before they all go on stage for a first performance, that of the title song “ Scream ”.

With a projection of waves and tropics on the screens behind them, the contrast is striking with their sensuality and masculinity. After briefly introducing themselves, they continue with a new performance, “OK OK“, a little more sparkling and jovial. Once this second performance is over, the “Scream” clip is broadcast, rich in color.

It is then time for the group to pose in front of the journalists, before being able to discuss with the reporters present. They are already looking back on their period of inactivity since their last album, where each of the singers was busy filming series or even musicals. However, they trained hard to come back strong on this day, in order to introduce “Scream” to the world, trying to expand the boysband’s musical footprint, while remaining all sexy. They therefore ask that the public warmly receive this summer comeback.

« As we are only six to promote this album, the feeling felt in general is different from usual » JAEYOON

They then present the key moment of the choreography, as being the moment when they sing “Scream scream scream scream“, and pass their thumb over their lips. They then talk about the filming of the clip and the photos used to present the album, declaring that it was pleasant to have a kinetic specific to the beach, in order to reveal other facets of themselves. CHANI and DAWON particularly impressed the rest of the members, with their charm and cute personality during filming. SF9 then reveals what they like to do in summer, JAEYOON preferring to eat ice cream and TAEYANG swimming in the sea.

HWIYOUNG then approaches his very first solo song, “Butterfly“, having represented an additional challenge during the preparation of the album for him. The song is described as being a trip to dreamland by transforming into a butterfly. It is then time for a Q&A with the journalists, in order to find out more about the group and its members. Thus, when asked what distinguishes SF9 from other groups making a comeback in this period, DAWON declares the “ sensuality ” of the group.

The fact of being only six for this comeback leaves a mixed feeling for the members. Indeed, the album is, according to them, filled with good music, but they would have liked to share it with the missing members, especially since they will finally be able to see their fans again, since the lifting of health restrictions. They admit to even feeling a little lonely being only six, but that opens up other thoughts, such as solo songs for example. The synergy between the group is thus different, which motivates the six singers all the more to work hard, for the three members not present, so that their absence is not felt.

However, they recognize that it is easier for each member to show their charms and abilities, both vocal and dancing. They also briefly return to TAEYANG who has changed his hair color, a long time since his last coloring. He therefore declares that he wanted to “change his head”, but in terms of facial expressions, DAWON is selected as the big winner. This is how the showcase ends, the group thanking the journalists who came, and in advance for the love they will receive during this new period of promotion.

The words of our reporter: “Always a pleasure to attend the showcase of this group, which love to stand on stage with their big smile when they sing!”

Reporter: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs, Chemin Charlène

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