SEVENTEEN: The champions of repackaging

The group SEVENTEEN won three awards in music shows with the title song “_world”.


SEVENTEEN also topped KBS2’s “Music Bank,” which aired on the afternoon of the 29th, with the title track “_world” from its fourth full-length repackage album “SECTOR 17,” without appearing on the show. Becoming the title holders even after the official promotions of “SECTOR 17“.

“SECTOR 17” is an album containing the new world of SEVENTEEN found after a scorching journey to become the sun, and it shows the appearance of SEVENTEEN as well as the “new world of SEVENTEEN completed by pioneering a place that no one could reach“.

The urban punk and R&B genre title track, “_world,” is a song that features a combination of funky beats and sweet melodies. TEAM SVT (Team Seventeen), or SEVENTEEN, expressed the new world as “_world“, which means that it leaves all possibilities open so that everyone, with them, can interpret the world they want from different angles.

SEVENTEEN stood out on various charts with “SECTOR 17” and set a new record. In particular, he achieved that of the first repackage album “Initial Million Seller” in K-pop history with 1,126,104 initial sales (record sales for a week after its release), and was named “Million Seller”. for seven consecutive albums.

SEVENTEEN, which successfully completed its “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BET THE SUN]” world tour in Seoul in June, will hold 27 performances in a total of 20 cities with a North American and Asian Arena tour and a Japanese domes tour for the end of the year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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