IVE: Performing in Japan

The fourth generation representative group, IVE, left for Japan on the 1st for a two-week performance and local promotion amid strong interest from major Japanese media and the public.


IVE will be performing on “THE STAR NEXTAGE” show in Japan in August. The performance is expected to be performed by next-generation artists representing Korea and Japan. Starting with a performance at “Pia Arena MM” located in Yokohama on August 2, IVE will take part in performances at “World Memorial Hall” in Kobe on August 4 and “Marine Messe” in Fukuoka on August 9 (Tue).

The performance, which will take place in a concert hall with approximately 10,000 seats, is a paying performance, twice a day. IVE plans to meet Japanese fans by performing twice on stage for all schedules.

Additionally, IVE was selected as the main character for the theme song of Fuji TV’s “Virtual Adventure Island 2022” in Japan, making headlines. The Japanese version of IVE’s “Eleven” has been chosen as the theme song for the virtual space event “Virtual Adventure Island 2022” to be held on Fuji TV from August 11, confirming its popularity in Japan.

Earlier, even before IVE’s official debut in Japan, the group topped the top user-generated song charts of Billboard Japan, which only counts YouTube views of various content such as dance covers and songs. challenges produced on in relation to the title “Eleven”. Based on the records, the group according to the recently released “Billboard JAPAN Top User Generated Songs Chart in the first half of 2022” won the TOP 10, signaling the birth of a group of super rookies. He also topped the Apple Music Japan Weekly Song Chart (April 11 to April 17, 2022) with its second single “LOVE DIVE“, and proved the interest of local fans by ranking No. 2 in the Oricon Chart Weekly Streaming category. , No. 2 on April’s “TOP100” chart, No. 8 on Billboard Japan’s “Hot 100” chart, and No. 1 on “Top User Generated Songs” chart.


Most recently, IVE debuted their debut single “ELEVEN” in December last year and won first place on various music shows, winning 13 awards, including triple crowns from three terrestrial broadcasters. The second single “LOVE DIVE“, which was then released, not only won 10 music show awards, but also continued its popularity by dominating domestic and foreign top charts.

IVE, which draws attention from both Korea and overseas and shows the activities of a fourth-generation representative group, is a hot topic as it unveiled “I’VE SUMMER FILM,” a collaboration with writer Jeong Se Rang, on his official SNS ahead of its return to Korea on August 22.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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