MONSTA X: Last show for the duo of DJ HYUNGWON and JOOHEON

MONSTA X’s group HYUNGWON and JOOHEON expressed their feelings about quitting the show, one day before the final airing of “Idol Radio Season 2.”


HYUNGWON and JOOHEON will wrap up their participation as DJs in MBC Radio’s “Idol Radio Season 2” held for a year on August 4 (Thursday).

From August 5th last year, HYUNGWON and JOOHEON, who performed as DJ Chaddy and HoneyDJ of “Idol Radio Season 2“, showed their stable hosting skills and communicated with listeners regularly, while showing perfect harmony with the guests. Moreover, the fantastic chemistry of HYUNGWON and JOOHEON added fun and received great response from listeners.

HYUNGWON and JOOHEON, who successfully DJed “Idol Radio Season 2” for a year, sent a message of gratitude through their agency Starship Entertainment.

First of all, HYUNGWON would like to thank 돌랑이 and MONBEBE for loving “Idol Radio” for a year, and it was a happy time to be with you as Chaddy. “If I have the chance, I will try to come back with a good appearance. I want to thank Jooheon, the guests who worked with me for a year and the production team,” thanking Jooheon and the team of production.

JOOHEON said, “I’m sorry to say goodbye to ‘Idol Radio,’ but I was so happy to see you as a DJ for a year. There must have been some hiccups, but thanks to your love, i think i was able to have a good year i would like to thank everyone who has been with me, and i will show you a good performance till the end, so please stay with me till the end.”

IDOL RADIO SEASON 2“, before the last broadcast of HYUNGWON and JOOHEON, will be broadcast exclusively on the NC Universe app every Monday and Thursday at 8 p.m., and on the radio, it will be broadcast on two channels, MBC Radio and MBC FM4U . MBC Radio (95.9 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province) broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 2 a.m. and MBC FM4U (91.9 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province) broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at midnight. The latest show from DJ HYUNGWON and JOOHEON will be available on August 4th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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