Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CRAXY: A dark force for the comeback

The CRAXY Group has announced an unprecedented comeback with content well done.

CRAXY (Wooah, Karin, Hyejin, Swan, Chaey) released the intro music video for the song “Interlude: Who am I” from its third mini album “WHO AM I” on its official SNS and YouTube channel on August 4.

In the released video, HYEJIN, who appears, struggles in an abandoned building, and at the same time, symbolic scenes such as intense red lights, broken mirrors and total solar eclipses quickly intertwined, adding meaning reminding us a movie.

In particular, the “grotesque” and dark beauty of CRAXY’s image, which is suitable for the album’s main theme, “Decadence (타락)”, and the addictive sound source of “Interlude: Who am I” have been combined to captivate the eyes and ears of fans.

Interlude: Who am I” is a song that features strong sound and repetitive lyrics called “Come in” and more firmly expresses CRAXY’s original worldview with the message “Another evil within me is calling me.”

Additionally, CRAXY is stirring up interest in its comeback by releasing the first concept photos with the intro music video “Interlude: Who am I.” The photo shows the members of CRAXY reflected in a broken mirror, and among them, HYEJIN expressed an image of “devastation” with red eyes.

CRAXY will prove its musical growth by releasing “WHO AM I” after its first mini album “GAIA” representing “birth” and its second mini album “DANCE WITH GOD”. Additionally, beginning with “Interlude: Who am I,” six music videos will be released sequentially to turn on the heat of the comeback.

CRAXY’s third mini album “WHO AM I” will be released on various online music sites on August 16 at noon.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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