JAY B : Artist in the list of the concert K-fest Abu Dhabi 2022

JAY B, leader of GOT7 at the Saudi festival K-Fest.


The K-fest festival that will take place in Abu Dhabi in Saudi Arabia has officially presented the different artists who will take the stage during it. A list varied by the presence of soloists as Loco, Paul Kim or Woogie and group with the participation of boyband The Rose and P1Harmony.

Among the artists presented during the programming of the festival we also find JAY B of GOT7.

On the occasion of the event and a few days before the opening of the ticketing which will take place on August 10th, the different artists were able to express themselves during an interview for the organizing agency Hyperound about the future concert and their performance.

During his interview, JAY B confirmed that he is working on new songs and the construction of an album scheduled for August 2022.

« I’m working hard to prepare a new album as soon as possible and perform in front of everyone. » – JAY B

JAY B who is also part of the duo JUS2 and JJ Project along with YUGYEOM and JINYOUNG said he wants to perform again as a duo and would like to do so soon.

« I heard so many people waited for JUS2 to the point that I thought it would have been nice if I could have gone as JUS2. Next time, I’ll try my best to return as JUS2 and JJ Project. » – JAY B

« Since I’m going alone this time around, I want to be able to leave my fans with as many great memories as possible. And, next time I promise I’ll return even better than this time. » – JAY B

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Kass
Source : Hyperound SNS

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