BAMBAM: The hashtag #BAMBAM_APOLOGIZE invades the web

BAMBAM from GOT7 trending on several social networks after a personal post.


On August 5, 2022, GOT7 member BAMBAM posted a series of snapshots on his personal social networks Instagram and Twitter for old times’ sake and his travels with GOT7.

Shots taken by BAMBAM where we see appear the members of GOT7 during a trip to Russia in 2019 during the world tour of the group.

BAMBAM commented under the publication “2017-2019 old days” recalling the group’s past trips.

Post Instagram of  BAMBAM

A post that did not make the unanimity and raised a controversy after the appearance of several shots of the member of GOT7 in Russia.

With the current situation, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the war in Ukraine several Internet users have noted the lack of tact of BAMBAM in publishing these photographs.

The hashtag #BAMBAM_APOLOGIZE quickly invaded the web and the Internet users asked BAMBAM to apologize and remove the post arguing that with the current situation, it was inconceivable to support Russia in any way.

On the web, the movement quickly gained momentum and the idol was keen to express himself. BAMBAM removed the post in question and published a second post with the caption “happy now” accompanied by new shots of members this time in other countries.

Second post Instagram of BAMBAM

BAMBAM also posted several messages and held a public apology on his personal Twitter account assuring that he did not mean to offend anyone and that in his publication the photographs were taken in different countries.

A lack of context or a simple misunderstanding. The hashtag that has grown significantly in just a few hours has also created a misunderstanding among the community of the artist who for many did not understand the origin.

BAMBAM deleted his previous Instagram posts and published a new post with photographs of GOT7 during their 2019 tour in other countries such as the United States and France.

Dernier post BAMBAM

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Kass

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