KARD: Latin America and KARD, an endless love

Coed group KARD successfully completed their Latin American tour with the attention of local media and stars.


KARD toured seven cities in five Latin American countries, starting with Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 22, Santiago, Chile on July 24, Monterrey, Mexico on August 29, Bogota, Colombia on August 3 and Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 5, and organized a new tour “2022 WILD KARD in Latin America”.

KARD visited Latin America for the first time after about two years and nine months due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and member J.SEPH‘s military service. Due to high fever surrounding reservations, local fans waiting for KARD for a long time, performances in major cities such as Brazil, Chile and Mexico sold out quickly, and other performances in Colombia and Argentina proved the worldwide popularity of the group.

In particular, KARD released a cover video in conjunction with the Latin American tour, attracting not only K-pop fans in Latin America, but also local audiences. The cover video, which began with Psy’s “That That,” features Puerto Rican-born Latin American pop singer Bad Bunny and his track “Titi me pregunto,” which topped Spotify’s annual stream for two years. consecutive, “sentaDONA (remix) S2″ and many more.

KARD’s video has been actively shared online and highlighted by local media. The main digital media and platforms, including Uforia Music, which deals mainly with Latin music news, the Peruvian daily “Publimetro” and the “Greeno Dictionary” channel, which has 1.7 million subscribers sharing Brazilian culture, have sent favorable reviews to KARD’s circuit news.

Latin American stars also reacted to KARD’s performance. Louisa’s grandson, shared it on his SNS and replied by pressing “Like”. Bad Bernie and Osmani Garcia also shared a cover video of KARD on their SNS account, expressing their joy. Local music fans applauded the collaboration between KARD and Latin American pop stars.


After successfully completing the Latin American tour, KARD will begin their North American tour in August and continue their nonstop overseas schedule. Starting with their performance in Washington on the 10th (local time), they will hold “2022 WILD KARD TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA” in 11 North American cities and meet fans in North America.

During the tour, new music will also be introduced. At noon on August 9, the BM member’s solo project “STRANGERS” will be released on major music platforms to continue promotional activities in the performance and music sectors.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Ninshi Entertainment

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