NMIXX: An event for the first fans

JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group NMIXX will be holding its first unique GV event and creating precious memories with fans who have passed on great love even before its debut.


NMIXX made its official debut on February 22 this year after releasing its  debut single “AD MARE” and title track “O.O.”

HAEWON, LILY, SULLYOON, JINNI, BAE, JIWOO and KYUJIN revealed their potential through singing, the cover dance content series “Qualifying” and “Guerrilla Live” which broadcast live workouts in real time.

After their official debut, the group proved itself as an “all-rounder” with seven dances, seven vocals, and seven visuals possessing powerful vocals and performances. The debut single album recently surpassed 100 million cumulative streams on global music streaming platform Spotify, enjoying continued global popularity.

To thank such love, NMIXX will hold a premium membership event “NMIX THEATER: NMIX 1st Single GV EVENT” on August 27th. The event is aimed at buyers of the “Blind Package” which were pre-sold in July last year.

Blind Package” is a limited edition of the first single album “AD MARE” and was sold without any information other than being a debut girl group from JYP Entertainment, achieving 61,667 pre-orders in just 10 days. At that time, the album aroused the curiosity of K-pop fans by announcing a privilege.

The GV event will run with a lottery system, and anyone with a premium membership card in the “Blind package” can apply. NMIXX will look back on their early activities with a total of 400 fans and hold various events to have a good time.

Recently, the seven members captivated fans at home and abroad with their sweet vocals. On July 31, as the second participant of Project Ribbon’s “Summer Vacation Project,” the group covered girl group Rainbow’s song “Kiss” and performed a refreshing summer song.

The “MIXXTAPE” content series of vocal covers, which allows you to discover new charms of the members, is also gaining popularity. In the second video posted on NMIXX’s official YouTube channel on July 29, SULLYOON performed Blackpink’s “Stay” and captivated viewers with her voice and thrilling visuals.

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