NEWS: Heavy rains in the capital

Torrential rains fell last night in the country’s capital region, with levels never recorded in the past.

A sad human toll, 7 dead, 6 missing and 163 victims in Seoul and in Gyeonggi province, while the authorities raised the alert level from 2 to 3 given the serious situation from 1 a.m. this Tuesday morning.

In the Shindaebang district of Seoul, more than 417 mm of water was observed between yesterday and 4 a.m. this morning. At 6 a.m., Seoul had 5 dead and 4 missing and Gyeonggi Province 2 dead and 2 missing. No less than 107 homes were affected by these heavy rains and 163 people are affected in Seoul and Gyeonggi. They are all housed in schools or in regional gymnasiums.

Eight railway lines in the Seoul area were flooded yesterday and traffic was temporarily halted on the Gyeongin subway line between Guro and Incheon and Guro-Byeongjeom, then on line 4 between Changdong and Seoul Station as well as at Geumcheon station in southwest Seoul.

Road traffic disruptions in the capital extended last night. Gangnam and Daechi, busy neighborhoods in southern Seoul, experienced more flood damage and cars and buses were left behind, according to photos and videos posted on social media by citizens. Flooded and abandoned vehicles in the streets of these neighborhoods are numerous and the authorities mobilized trailer trucks this morning to clear them from the roads for rush hour traffic. A photo of the Isu metro station, on lines 4 and 7, shows a cascade of water on stairs to the surprise of users.

Faced with this situation, the government launched a call on Tuesday for an adjustment of the time of arrival at the office in public organizations to 11 a.m. President Yoon Suk Yeol asked the cabinet for quick restoration of the damage and canceled his trip to the government complex in Sejong this morning to attend a ministers’ meeting. Instead, he led an emergency intergovernmental meeting at the government compound in Seoul.

This morning, several roads and five expressways in the capital were closed, especially along the southern bank of the Han River. Line 9 subway stations in Yeouido and Banpo districts were flooded and traffic was temporarily halted due to sudden heavy rainfall.

At present, the Seoul area averages 30 to 50 mm of rain per hour. Meteorological authorities predict between 100 and 300 mm more rainfall through Thursday in greater Seoul and more than 350 mm in southern Gyeonggi Province. The authorities recommend total vigilance in the face of the possibility of flooding.

If you find yourself in Seoul, be careful, and stay dry.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Yonhap news

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