PH-1: A premise of his new album

Artist pH-1 has raised expectations for a full-length album with “MR. BAD” featuring a new vibe.

pH-1 released the single “MR. BAD (Feat. Woo Won Jae)” on various online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on August 9.

“MR. BAD” is a hip-hop track that possesses a strange atmosphere by combining electronic piano over a rhythmic beat and a heavy base. The smooth flow of pH-1 and the development of a free chorus that enters your ear stand out. The verse using unique vocal effects also arouses the interest of listeners.

Woo Won Jae participated as the featured artist and Sumin as the producer, enhancing the comprehensiveness of “MR. BAD.” After “Hate you” and “Uniform”, another musical alchemy between Woo Won Jae and pH-1 captivates the ears.

The music video, which was released along with the song, consists of an atmosphere like an album release party with pH-1. Borrowing the concept of a small Rave Party in Europe and Germany, elements such as Warehouse, stage, party and mosh fit naturally blended into the decor.

Overall, the dark ambience that matches the heavy sound more effectively shows the new pH-1 image. Additionally, Woo Won Jae made a surprise appearance in the clip, adding to the fun of watching.

Attention is focused on the type of new product that will be presented by pH-1, which depicts a sketch of the album with a different look and sound like the lyrics “Doing all the bad things, MR. BAD“.

pH-1 will continue to make music that raises expectations among listeners after dropping his first full album message with “MR. BAD.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS PH-1

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