NEWJEANS: The CEO wants to respond firmly

Ador, led by CEO Min Hee Jin, will firmly respond to malicious slander related to its girl group “NEWJEANS.”

Ador agency said on social media on August 10, “We will take legal action against acts such as spreading false information and defamation related to NEWJEANS group members and our content.

Some netizens claimed that CEO Min distorted and interpreted some social media posts and concept images of NEWJEANS, making group members, who are teenage girls, objects or sexual exhibition.


However, although the group was praised by the older generation, many added that the group was not suitable for an adult’s gaze, because the five members are very young.

NEWJEANS have been a sensation since its debut. The first physical CD “NEWJEANS,” which was released on August 8, sold 260,000 copies on the same day, setting a new record for a debut girl group for this agency in Korea. In addition, the title track “Attention”, which was released 1st, ranked first on Melon, Korea’s largest music platform.

As interest grows rapidly, so do the number of gross slander and malicious comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Ador

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