KQ FELLAZ 2: The “ATEEZ” little brothers are coming

KQ Entertainment has unveiled the main characters of its male rookie idol group “KQ FELLAZ 2.”

KQ Entertainment, which includes ATEEZ, MADDOX, and EDEN, has released personal profile photos and an interview video for each of the “KQ FELLAZ 2” trainee idols on their official SNS.

In the published profile photos, 10 boys, MINJAE, JUNMIN, SUMIN, JINSIK, HYUNWOO, JUNGHOON, SEEUN, HUNTER, YUJUN and YECHAN, caught the eye with their natural expressions and poses without awkwardness.

In addition, their interview videos also attracted attention. Each of the 10 members tried to make each other friendlier by honestly confessing how they dreamed of becoming singers, information on the official MBTI question and memorable anecdotes during their training.

KQ FELLAZ 2, which reborrowed the word “Fellaz”, is a system that merges KQ Entertainment’s know-how in developing rookies, remember that ATEEZ also went through this phase of “KQ FELLAZ” during its pre -debut, and the performance video of “Pick it up” which was released at the time is still popular online and has reached 20 million views.

In response, “KQ FELLAZ 2” will also continue to show versatile performances in the future, cultivating confident skills such as singing, rapping, dancing and songwriting.

KQ FELLAZ 2,” which many K-pop fans have already been waiting for just by posting their profile photos and videos, will release various content via YouTube and official KQ Entertainment SNS.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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