Thursday, September 28, 2023

ASTRO: The film in 31 theaters across the country today

The movie “STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE” featuring ASTRO’s solo concert “The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul [STARGAZER]” will be released today.

ASTRO’s third solo concert “The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul” in three years and five months has been successfully completed, and the concert film “STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE“, which features the concert preparation process, performance Today’s Enthusiastic and Honest Interview with the Members will be released worldwide and starting today in Korea.

Following the announcement of the release of ASTRO’s first film, tickets for reservation sales opened on the 7th, attracting explosive attention from around the world. After the concert, the news of the film’s release creates a welcome welcome like rain that would be welcome in a dry drought for AROHA (official fandom name), full of the heat of the day, hot screams, visuals brilliant ASTRO members on the stage.

Also, after thinking and working hard to have a happy time with fans, the passionate appearance of ASTRO members including JIN JIN, CHA EUN WOO, MOONBIN, ROCKY, and YOON SANHA, as well as MJ who didn’t could not participate in the concert due to his military service participated in the interview and becomes a must-see film for AROHA.

It is expected to be a perfect gift for fans who were unable to enjoy the concert in person, as the band is said to have paid special attention to the high-definition screen and overwhelming sound of the channel so fans can feel like they’re in a concert hall.

Moreover, the fun of watching a movie has been added with maximum behind-the-scenes footage of the scene preparation and the honest stories of the members that have not been seen anywhere. King Kong E&M, a concert production company, said, “We expect AROHAs to enjoy experiencing the live concert stage as if the ASTRO members are standing in front of them, with the sound filling the theater and the brilliant stage of the members of ASTRO.

Accordingly, “STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE“, which is full of stories of the members that return fans’ love and expectations, a stage and music that captivates the eyes and ears, as well as fun and emotion, should perfectly convey the feeling of the day to.

ASTRO’s first feature film “STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE” will be screened exclusively at 31 CGV theaters nationwide starting today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JIB Company

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