OH MY GIRL: A pre-release MV before the comeback

OH MY GIRL‘s YOOA has pre-released a music video for her album ahead of her November 14 comeback.

On November 6 at noon, WM Entertainment released a music video for the song “Lay low” from OH MY GIRL’s YOOA second mini album “SELFISH,” which will be released on November 14, on their official YouTube channel and SNS.

The released music video draws attention by displaying Spain’s exotic and beautiful landscapes and YOOA’s stylish yet kitsch sensibility, with the sound source of the first released song “Lay low“. “Lay low“, is of an electronic pop genre with a minimalist melody and harmonious sounds. It is a song that sings of the desire to escape from relationships that will become complicated after burning love and feelings that will become more and more familiar.

In addition to the sensual visual beauty we feel like watching a scene in a movie, YOOA’s outstanding expression, which emits a unique chic and casual atmosphere without filtration, fills the video and causes a warm response.

This is the first mini-album to be released by YOOA in about two years since his first solo album “BON VOYAGE” released in 2020. Immediately after the release of his first solo song “Bon voyage“, YOOA topped the major charts. music charts in Korea, and achieved significant results topping the music charts.

Attention is focused on whether YOOA, which has firmly imprinted its unique identity on the public by presenting its unique and dreamy musical colors and exotic concepts, will be able to leap forward as “solo queen unequaled” through this new album.

OH MY GIRL‘s YOOA will be releasing their second mini album “SELFISH” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on November 14th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WM Entertainment

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