WOO!AH! : A comeback full of love

The group WOO!AH! will release a new song after five months.

WOO!AH! released a comeback poster for its fourth single “PIT-A-PAT” on its official SNS at midnight on November 6.

In the published poster, hearts and bubbles floating on clouds caught the eye. Inside the big heart in the center of the poster, the unique name “Pit-a-Pat” and the return date “2022.11.16 WED” made fans’ hearts flutter.

Pit-a-Pat” is an English word meaning “heartbeat” and is a single that contains the excitement and loving frenzy of WOO!AH!, which has a charm that cannot be suppressed to love. WOO!AH! plans to deliver its bright and fascinating charm, dynamic and positive energy.

Earlier, his agency NV Entertainment said that the unique title track and choreography were composed by Lee Woo Min, Twice’s hit songwriter, and One Million Crew dancer Root in “SMF,” sparking comments expectations for the return of WOO!AH!.

An agency official said, “In this single, WOO!AH! is about ‘hammering’ which is interpreted in different ways,” adding, “I hope you enjoy these thrilling, exciting, sometimes subtle and loving moments“.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS WOO!AH!

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