iKON: A rumor of quitting

The rapper BOBBY is the victim of a strange rumor, that of his departure from his agency YG ENTERTAINMENT.

The news affirmed by the K-POP HERALD on their social networks, the contract of BOBBY expires and the artist does not intend to renew it. An affirmation very quickly denied by the company YG ENTERTAINMENT, which certified that the contract was still active. However, the company did not answer the questions of how long it remained and if the negotiations were going favorably to a renewal.

The main concerned has not yet made any statement although many fans are concerned under his single post on instagram, having passed it in private a short time ago. Many questions but also a huge amount of support in case the idol announces the end of his career with the group iKON with which he performs since 2015.

For now, no certitude, we will surely know later through other releases that, hopefully, will arrive quickly to be able to answer the fans who are worried to see the end of the group. Because indeed, the departure of BOBBY succeeds that of the leader B.I in 2019 after a case of use of illegal products.

The rapper had announced the birth of his son and his marriage in 2021 and the group has just closed their tour for their latest album “FLASHBACK [+ i DECIDE]“.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: SNS IKON

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